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Thursday, June 12th, 2008

As we reach the mid-year point and a long holiday period let’s take our minds off work for moment, away from our daily humdrum and take a look around our beautiful planet. Even though Mother Earth can be a hard taskmaster sometimes and we can never take her for granted, there is so much around to inspire us – even in the heart of the city you will find a small dandelion shoot pushing its way up through the cracks in the pavement.

With an increasing awareness of ecological issues we should never neglect to remember that it is we humans who are truly vulnerable. If we do not respect nature and look after our environment, it is very likely we who will pay the ultimate price; history, long and true, can teach us many lessons about the power of nature to correct "problems"!

This month’s trio of interesting South African art works might provoke some thought, stir the memory and the imagination.

"Fig Tree, Klein Tierfontein"
by Amanda Jephson

There’s something wonderful about the fig tree, ficus carica , and this respresentation by Amanda Jephson, one of our recently listed artists captures it beautifully.

The twisting members of tree in the foreground, itself a witness to the scene, tell us of its life in the wild – in the elements, bearing fruit, drinking in the rainwater when it comes and soaking up the sun.

There are nearly 100 different strands to the ficus family, its ancestry stretching back an estimated 80 million years, one of the most truly ancient to be found in the countryside. As a symbol, the fig tree and its fruit crops up in a number of religions and mythologies but don’t get hung up on those meanings – what does it say to you?

"Not Coming Back III"
by Ilko Alexandrov

Following this theme of desertion, the artist creates a scene of profound mood and emotion. The figure of a child stares into the empty room where a curtain blows in the breeze from an open window. Has the loved one jumped? It’s a haunting work that stays with you long after, as it resonates with feelings we all have of being left and alone. The enhancement of the light on the curtain contrasted with the subdued tones of the room all create a work of huge atmosphere and drama.

"Theatre Of The Mind"
by Hester Correia

Another work that has only recently completed, Hester Correia’s Theatre of the Mind was inspired by one of the soccer stadiums under construction for the 2010 World Cup. That theatre is where dreams will be played out as they are in our minds, here’s the stage, what is the play today? Does it run the same every day or does the curtain rise for you on a new production?

" My hands were too soft.. I had to find some special occupation, some kind of work that would not force me to turn away from the sky and the stars, that would allow me to discover the meaning of life. "
- Marc Chagall

New ArtistsWe have talented new artists coming on the site all the time and in recent weeks we have welcomed the following who have already listed a number of excellent works:

" The problem with the youth of today’ is that one is no longer part of it. "
- Salvador Dali