Some October favourites:

by Fiona Stewart

"Day in Africa"  by Dulcie Robinson is an excitingly expressionist work, a mixed media creation of found objects and hand made paper.  Dulcie’s work aims to recreate the feeling of her subjects, in this case a day in Africa with all its sights, smells and textures, rather than to produce an exact copy of a landscape, flower or object.   Her comment that, in her flower paintings, she paints "the perfume of the flowers" rather than copying their images seems to be beautifully relevant here too.  The spicy, earthy colours she has used suggest scents of cooking, of nature, of the heat itself. 

The use of found objects seems suitably sympathetic to the subject, as if she has gathered things during the course of her day and then used them to describe that day in artistic form.  The curving forms of wire and string against the very pale paper suggest engravings on rock, or perhaps, with their upwardly curving motion, they are a  heat haze rising against a brilliant day.

This is a work full of delicate yet arresting textural and tonal contrasts and in the heart of it a small, human like figure appears to be wrapped or captured. His/her presence infers that the piece is a landscape or timescape, simply by virtue of scale.   As with the whole of the piece, one is drawn first to one interpretation then to another – is he captured or enraptured by the day?   Is he toiling on the land?  

The one thing this work certainly does is stimulate thought and will undoubtedy provoke conversation and analysis wherever it is disaplayed.  Being small and detailed it would look best with a simple background, perhaps in a room with strong light to make the most of the shadows that will be cast onto the paper by the found objects.

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