Some October favourites:

by Fiona Stewart

"Abstract SW002″  by Debra Stevenson is a radiant piece of abstract art made with ink and acrylic.   According to Debra it is based upon the idea of a spider’s web.   This work uses skillful application of inks and acrylic paints to render a beautiful rainbow expression of a spider’s web.   The web like structures are predomninantly rendered in purples,  radiating out to deep oranges, leafy greens and indigo and aqua shades.   The colours are richly saturated, with all seven of the rainbow spectrum in the work, each colour merging and emerging from its neighbours to form subtle blends. 

The way the colours merge is rather reminiscent of water and looking at the painting I can imagine that the central purple web is a bridge over a lake with woods on each side and a vibrant sunset reflecting behind the web/bridge – it appeals to me as a fantasy of how the world looks to a spider.    The web forms are carefully rendered and appear three dimensional, coming forward out of the painting towards the viewer.   There are shades of greens most of the way round the edges of the piece, which draws the eye round, with the strength of the red/orange/purple centre capturing the gaze repeatedly. 

This is a stunning piece, large and full of life and will capture attention wherever it is hung.    However, it would look  wonderful as a focal point in a room in which one of  the dominant shades of the painting also appeared in accent colours and deserves to be hung where the light will capture the colour gradations and celebrate the drama of this work.

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