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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

"Communion"  by Lesley Bergere is a beautifully senstive piece of spiritual art.  Here an adult female figure  lies curled in a relaxed foetal postion, cushioned upon flower petals and surrounded by a hazy swirl of watery colours.   It appears as if this figure is floating within the Universe or beneath the ocean, cocooned by immanent lifeforce.   The suggestion may be that this archetypal female is experiencing a rebirth or initiation, a dreamtime experience into which she sinks with relaxed limbs.   There is an interesting contrast between the long limbed adult body and the hand raised towards the childlike face in a typical foetal gesture.   It is as if in some way the adult returns to the simplicity and trust of the inter-uterine state.

This is a wonderfully relaxing painting, the colours soothing and the presence of the beautifully modelled figure compelling.   I could imagine this painting suiting a meditation or healing space very well.  It is large, the figure appears close to life sized, and so this painting would look wondeful in an uncluttered space, perhaps one with decor accents that picked out the blues and purples of the background.

Abstract African Art- Highlights the Unique Culture

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Abstract African art is something “out of the ordinary” as the artists practicing it try to depict the unique cultural and traditional features of their tribal groups through abstract forms.

Abstract art thus collectively highlights the vibrant cultures within Africa. Every hue, shape and design is connected to the concoction of civilization, norms, and culture that makes every African ethnic group stand out.

The main inspiration behind abstract African art came from the need felt by the tribal artists to create something extraordinary and beautiful to represent objects that are not part of the real world. As the tribal people are generally very religious and rather superstitious in nature, they basically concentrated on intangible subjects such as mythical gods, spirits, power, moral values, superstitions and ancestral messages.

For example, the abstract modern paintings of mythical gods stress upon the physical or facial features of the subject to make it look different. In general, visual abstraction is the most pre-eminent characteristic that can be noticed in the most famous abstract African art pieces.

In most of the abstract African art, symbolism is evident. For example while painting human figures, artists usually draw larger heads as compared to their bodies. The reason behind this is that head is regarded as a source of intelligence and power. To make the figure look like an inanimate object, certain lines, emotions, or facial features are exaggerated.

When it comes to abstract painting done by the contemporary artists, the main beauty is not just restricted to the physical features of the artwork. Well, the main beauty of an abstract painting lies in the inner meaning that the artist wants to showcase.

The same concept can be seen in modern abstract African paintings, which aim to highlight the dominant features of the subject in a simplified way. This also helps the observer to understand what the artist wants to convey through his paintings.

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The Beauty and Uniqueness of Abstract paintings

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

While looking at an abstract art, have you ever wondered what the painting is all about and what the artist was thinking when he created this piece of work?

Abstract paintings are different from other kinds of paintings. An abstract painting steers clear of depicting reality. No object in the natural world is portrayed. An abstract art has got nothing to do with anything materialistic or any physical in the world. Instead an abstract painting has biometric shapes in bold and bright colours. The painting can be of anything, anyone or nothing.

The history of abstract art dates back to several hundred years. The contributions of world renowned artists like Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso has taken the abstract art form to new heights in the modern world.

Abstract cubism, the style of painting which is popularised by Pablo Picasso, uses geometric figures to either simplify or complicate complex structures such as the human form.

Artist Piet Mondrian established the Abstract Neoplasticism form. In this art form, the artist is not supposed to reproduce real forms but depict the absolute entity of life through either vertical or horizontal lines.

Then there is abstract expressionism in which objects or images were not depicted but the paintings are all about brush strokes and colours.

Modern abstract paintings have attracted the art lovers from all over the world. They can be of varied styles ranging from abstract still life paintings, abstract expressionist paintings, abstract landscape paintings etc.

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African Paintings Highlight the Essence of African Culture

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Amongst all the African tribal art forms, painting is an integral part of the diverse African tribal art. In fact the paintings done by the tribal artists represent the most colourful forms of artwork which are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Basically the themes chosen by the artists centre around the day to day happenings in the tribal villages, the tragic events, the calamities, the local festivals and particularly the wildlife.

Examples of African paintings in the pre-historic time period can be noticed on rocks that formed the ancient caves. Here the rock paintings are mostly of human and animal figures that used to act like a source to link the realistic world with that of the spirits.

From these ancient rock paintings, one can get an idea of the primitive life style of the ancient prehistoric African people. However, during the pre-colonial period, a drastic change was noticed in the style of African paintings as the focus changed to abstract themes.

Apart from being a medium for expressing the artistic and creative side of the tribal artists, paintings were also used as a form of tribal communication of secret codes. For example, the Ndebele people of the eighteenth century used to paint symbols of different patterns on the walls of their homes which could be understood by the people of their group only.

Since then a lot of changes can be noticed in the style of the African paintings. Different tribes residing in different parts of Africa have come up with their own unique style of painting.

Today, as a result of many foreign influences contemporary African paintings have taken on a form and genre of their own. Now the painters use this creative medium to vividly portray their viewpoints regarding the society as a whole. African art paintings now have a much deeper meaning than what common people can understand with just one glance.

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