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Thoughts For February

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Just as good judgment comes from experience and experience so often comes from bad judgment, so it is that art is often informed by pain and trauma and the challenges faced in life rather than simply being inspired by beauty. This process of catharsis serves the artist and also the witness to the art and has done so for centuries. Read the biography of leading artists in history and the themes of loss and pain, not to mention isolation and sometimes outright madness, keep recurring. As that old cliché would have it "you don’t have to be mad to do this job but it helps".

In Europe and the USA now there is a distinct unease about our long-held values and a questioning of some of the foundations on which we live our lives. The economic meltdown is in the spotlight and its own "artists" now under scrutiny. That which we thought was a process of logic and mechanics turns out to have been far more organic than we realised and driven by human factors – attributed to creativity when the effects were positive but looking more like greed and reckless abandon when viewed with the luxury of hindsight.

Hence we find ourselves in a time of growth for art and expression; for searching and reflection. As artists seek to express that process on canvas or some other medium, so we look to art to find what we overlooked for so long – whether it is that simple beauty which we seek for solace or to find a message that we might not previously have heard above the din of daily life – the gift of art in abundance is that when we seek, we find.

This month we’ve selected a quartet of artists whose passion and work appeals to very different tastes:

"Moon Eclipse"
by Hilda Bischoff

Hilda Bischoff is a grand old lady, now in her 90s. This work, with bold and vibrant colours, is a fine example of her work. She has turned her hand to a wide variety of themes and styles but all her works exhibit a technical quality which has justified her lasting appeal as an artist.


Charles only joined the site late last year but his work has rightly attracted quite a bit of attention. His wildlife and street scenes are alive and quite captivating. This fiery eagle gives us a glimpse into his world with its mosaic-like depiction of the bird of prey against a multi-coloured landscape.

by Charles Gibbons


"The Wasp"
by Ulrich Riek

Many and varied are the works that Ulrich has brought to us – his mixed media tempting us in three dimensions. This piece tells its own story though the artist loves to tease the viewer with his own provocative, tongue in cheek descriptions.


Vivid greens and reds are the signature of a number of Ilse’s works. She has a superb talent for capturing the natural form, in particular the human one. These works have found their way into collections all over the world for good reason.

"The Prince’s daughter"
by Ilse Kleyn

New Artists

We have talented new artists coming on the site all the time and in recent weeks we have welcomed the following who have already listed a number of excellent works: