Maureen Quin “Ballet Dancers” and “Memories”

by Rebecca McKinley

A quick glance at Maureen Quin’s bronze sculptures draws the observer to study the subject further and to seek additional works by this stunning artist. Quin has an amazing ability to bring life and passion to bronze through her creations. As seen in her “Ballet Dancers” series and similar works of dance such as “Symphony” and “Arabesque,” her interpretation of human anatomy is portrayed through elegance and exquisite beauty. The fluidity of motion that is shown in the movement and dance is awe inspiring. Quin uses an elongation of the limbs while showing distinct and beautiful muscular definition of finely tuned and disciplined bodies. Her fascinating attention to detail is further revealed in the joints, bone structure and heels of the feet. The intermingling of the male and female bodies creates additional interest as they intertwine to bring about their oneness of mind and movement. There is nothing lost in the singular tone of the bronze in these sculptures, as the delicacy and winsomeness clearly render the artist’s message. “Ballet Dancers I” measures W: 460mm x H: 480mm x D: 730mm (W: 18″ x H: 19″ x D: 29″) with related works being of dimensions close to these.

Another piece more than worthy of distinction is Maureen Quin’s “Memories,” which depicts a rather mature lady of distinction holding a wine goblet. Upon further study, the observer will notice that portions of her front and back are missing as if she is gradually fading away with the passing of time. Though she has many memories of her long life, some of them may be slowly floating from her. Unless she shares those memories with others or immortalizes them in writing, they will eventually fade away. One would imagine that this work speaks volumes as to how one may feel as the realization of age and mortality sets in. In spite of her fading memories, our lady seems to handle the situation with her usual grace and beauty.

Maureen Quin is an exquisite artist. You can visit Maureen’s Homepage at