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Celestie Penn – Fulfillment in oil…

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Celestie Penn doesn’t have too much written about herself on her page at – but what is not written is conveyed so dramatically in the pieces she paints. The first pieces we see are slightly surreal and a little more abstract than the works a little further down the page – but they’re so interesting. Penn’s take on the biblical Eve is particularly striking – here, Eve has an apple inside her head instead of in her hand… But then, we have a work like Survivor which is just amazing in its conveyance of emotion – the arms of the man and the woman wrapped around one another, so happy to be alive. That’s an amazing piece.

We’ll look more closely though, at a couple of works. The first is Saint – at first glance a very nicely rendered portrait of a horse. And that would be enough, too – it’s a lovely piece: but there’s a special little touch. If we look a touch more carefully we can see a tiny little halo above the horse’s head. So it’s a painting that then makes one smile just a little bit.

The actual horse, as we said, is wonderfully rendered: grey, on a red and black backdrop so that the animal really stands out. The accuracy is really incredible – Penn certainly knows what she’s doing as far as composition is concerned. It’s amazing this piece is still available – it’s so unique and fascinating.

There are many other paintings we could talk about at this stage, but one pops out, for some reason. It’s name – or rather, his name is Fulfillment. The man in the picture must be in his eighties, if not older – but the look on his face is what is really priceless – it’s a look of happiness. The sparkle in his eyes is young – it speaks of knowing the secret of life and being happy about it. Perhaps he is relieved that, after all his years on Earth, he’s been rewarded with the knowledge that it wasn’t, after all, such a serious thing. That his good deeds have been all that are needed to assure he leaves a positive and memorable legacy. Whatever it is, he has a look of knowing…an expression and a pose about him.

All in all, Penn’s art is very intriguing – well worth taking a good long look at. Commissioning Penn would be an equally smart thing to do, we think – with her insight and skill, she’d certainly deliver a fantastic custom piece!