Antiques and Art Elude Economic Downturn

by Wendelyn Bailey

With everyone scampering about turning their valuable metals into other forms of equity, it is with much amazement to find that the majority of antiques and art actually rose in 2009. While jewelry and silver are the leaders, you can now add contemporary art in that category as well.

Overall there was a 3% increase in the final 2009 quarter from the previous quarter that came in at a 14% rise… allowing it to hold claim of the highest mark since the beginning of the year. This is the first optimistic and upbeat analysis since the 2008 third quarter.

This upsurge is also being carried over in the area of oil and watercolors as well with 5 percent surveyors conveying rising prices. On lots above £50,000, there is an astounding 17 percent rise thus demonstrating that traditional pieces are still more popular over their contemporary counterparts for the larger investor.

During these hard economic times the antique and Art world has repeatedly demonstrated exactly how amazing resilient they really are, making it evident their potency for an area of investment. The only down turn in this is in books, ceramics and clocks.

So what could this possibly mean to those concerned about their finances? Perhaps possibly considering using art as a temporary nest egg? Only time will tell.

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