Christophorus – "Daisyface" and "Paternoster"

by Rebecca McKinley

The majority of the paintings displayed on Christophorus’s homepage are a part of his "Paternoster" series. His tribute to this traditional fishing village near Cape Town is immense with seascapes, fishing boats and the fishermen that use them to gain their livelihood. He also gives occasional notice to the long-established shops, homes and restaurants of "Paternoster".  A liberal collection of these outstanding paintings would create a wondrous display.

As a contrasting element, Christophorus reveals a totally diverse aspect of his talents in "Daisyface." The female semblance we see here, with portions of her face and arm covered in greenery and daisies, appears as an extension of nature. White daisies grow forth from her fertile skin. The background of the blazing sun, surrounded in soothing shades of swirling motion pull her body in as an part of itself. As if caught in the middle, she exudes vibrant flames of life and energy. Her face is striking, yet in a serious grimace. Is she unhappy with her plot in life or more likely just protective and watchful over her environmental domain? The way our society often treats nature with abuse and neglect, it would be no wonder.