Anita Smal – "Three Naked Ladies"

by Rebecca McKinley

Anita Smal enjoys studying the nudes that are revealed in many of her paintings. In "Three naked Ladies" she encourages a refreshing lack of inhibition in appreciation of the human body. A trio of lovely ladies relax and lounge among the vibrant shades of the outdoor setting. The vivacious purples, blues and yellows in a mixture of deep tones used with pastel shades lend a cheerful mood to the piece. Warmth from the sun extends brightness and caresses the naked skin while its surface drinks in the freedom from the restraints of confined clothing. The lack of activity creates a peaceful tranquility that encourages leisure, free thought, candor and nonconformity. The figure in the forefront adds a touch of playfulness and tease while holding her toes with one hand and fruit of red in the other.

"Woman with Cats" sets a mood of the same type. With colors that are akin to the previously mentioned painting, the all-but-nude lady rests onher settee in nothing but a feather-light sheer and revealing gown. Her head, arms and feet are placed in stances of comfort and easy tranquility. Next to her, lie two white cats that join her, presenting us once again with a reclining trio. The feline figure on the left rolls and plays in quite contentment giving the playful touch.

Smal also divulges an interest in floral and fruited still lifes, as well as landscapes and portraits. Visit her homepage to enjoy her display of charming paintings.