Anthony Latimer – "Equine Dance"

by Rebecca McKinley

Of all the nebulas in space, one of the most definable is known as the Horsehead Nebula. Its spinning gases and dark, thick dust hold a shape that, when viewed from Earth, emerges much like the head of a horse. Anthony Latimer embraces this amazing phenomenon in his "Equine Dance." As he successfully attempts to offer personality to this dark and tantalizing plume, this horse of the universe dances joyfully while entertaining the universe. An audience of stars, planets and moons look on with amazement as they observe his performance. Even the distant galaxies come to attention with awe.

The majority of Latimer’s work honors his appreciation of the starry universe and its cosmos. While many of them focus on astronomy, some even reach far into the depths of the ocean. The limitless reaches of space and the deepest secrets of the sea hold many of the greatest mysteries in existence. These allusive entities very creatively protect their knowledge, most of which will never be disturbed by mankind. Enjoy taking a look at Anthony Latimer’s work on his homepage.