Carol Hadfield – muted shades of dappled shadow in the light…

by Jeanne Bowyer

Carol Hadfield is a gem in the new world of art – plain and simple. Having given up “regular” work in 2007, she concentrated initially on pencil portraits and then on acrylic, which she found did not suit her. After a course in oils, taken with Margie Johnson in 2008, she found her true calling in terms of medium, and has sold steadily since then.

It’s not just the medium that Hadfield settled into that helped sell her first painting, however – oh, no – she is also naturally very talented. Say what you might about formal vs. non-formal training – Hadfield proves that you don’t need any kind of degree to turn out beautiful oils. Basically what is required, is a keen eye, a full heart and the sense to sit back and gently discover the light and shadow; the interplay between the different colors in a setting. Hadfield has all of this ability – so what you get is an artist who is eminently capable of producing beautiful pieces of art.

The first such piece of art we will have a look at is a piece called Misty Hout Bay Harbour – which as the title suggests is a painting of a harbor in the mist. There are quite a number of boats tethered in the background – veiled in a grayness created by the mist – and then in the foreground we have a wooden vessel. It seems that the viewpoint of the painting comes from a lower vantage point than the front of the boat and that creates a much bolder profile for the boat than might otherwise be achieved. The composition conveys to the viewer a feeling of complete stillness and greatness: apart from the gentle rippling in the water, the large boats sit alone, waiting for their human occupants to return…they sleep in the early morning mist.

Wine Farm Cottage is a fabulously titled piece because indeed, so many of the colors used in it are autumnal and smack of the velvety rich hues of red wine. Here, Hadfield shows just how well she’s mastered light and shade – the brightness and the shadow in the piece play with one another to bring out the dimensions of the building. The trees flow so well with the house, as does the ground they all sit on. The muted blues of the sky provide just enough contrast and shade difference to work perfectly within the context of the painting. Altogether, it’s just a lovely piece.

If really beautiful paintings draw you in; if you want something very special for your home, come and see what Carol Hadfield has to offer. We don’t think you’ll be in the least bit disappointed.