Maureen Tomaino – "Storybook Stream"

by Rebecca McKinley

"Storybook Stream" is a fanciful image created by Maureen Tomaino that could only be waiting for discovery within a storybook reality that has no restrictions or smothering limits. This scene that might hold similarities to realistic landscapes has a fantasy life of its own with light and colors that dance off the page. Tomaino’s use of watercolors provides a calming wonderment unreachable through other mediums. She has taken a gorgeous, but often seen vision and turned it into one that has us searching for fairies and sprites dancing and poking their faces from between the branches of the flourishing trees. This world of wonderment entices the imagination and somehow soothes the soul. The depths of the stream that might otherwise withhold menacing fears, meets us instead with tempting exploration. Floating along this path of water is totally without danger, as is a walk through the dense forest that envelops the cool, clear liquid.

Maureen Tomaino’s paintings flourish with her love of simplistic beauty, nature, children and life. Her landscapes are glorious and her attention to family and their pets is endearing.