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Antonio Coreejes – "Leopard"

Friday, August 20th, 2010

"Leopard" is a splendid woodcut image of an exotic creature created by artist Antonio Coreejes. The details and realistic aspects of the piece emphasize the strengths and heightened senses of the cat. Radiating power, majesty and an enviable agility, the skillfully carved eyes of this master sleuth are sly with exceptional vision. His smoothly flared nostrils hold a sense of smell that detects even the smallest of prey, while the alertly curved ears catch every sound. As the fourth largest of the big cats, outsized only by the lion, tiger and jaguar, this piece emphasizes the leopard’s notably massive skull. The curves of his head exhibit powerful jaw muscles that enable him to take on particularly large kills for his size.

Densely marked rosettes on the forehead remind of his beautifully spotted coat; a cunning expression reveals shrewd and opportunistic hunting characteristics. Though we can’t see the muscular body of this stealthy creature, we can imagine that he is lying perfectly still and silent in the grass, waiting for the precise moment to pounce upon its prey. This exquisite portrayal of a feline master combines beauty, power and fearful respect. While basking in the magnificence and splendor, one cannot forget that in an instant, the prey becomes the kill in one swift attack.

Antonio Coreejes’ striking wood carving simultaneously speaks of the grand majesty of nature along with the dangerous situation it provokes. Visit Antonio’s homepage to view his pencil drawings and paintings.