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Stephen Bibb – stunning underwater vistas and exuberant dolphins at play…

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

We simply cannot tell you enough about Stephen Bibb’s fantastic work at – his paintings are so excellent that to try to pigeon-hole them would be foolish. Instead, let us just start off by saying that Bibb’s works are probably quite unlike any you have seen before: fascinated by the ocean and unafraid of wielding an acrylic airbrush, Bibb consistently turns out some of the most brilliant work we have ever seen.

When looking through his repertoire on, one cannot help noticing the sheer amount of aquatic mammals in his paintings – especially dolphins. Mentioned by the artist as his inspiration in life, these creatures grace so many of Bibb’s canvases. They are captured in rest, in love and in flight over the waves: their exuberance is never in short supply.

Joy is just one such painting, presented to us on a gloriously big canvas. Here, four dolphins frolic in the open ocean, rubbing each other in expressions of happiness and freedom – a beautiful captured moment as the bright young animals exude themselves in liberty. How can we not be completely charmed by this? Bibb certainly is – this is only one of many such fantastic paintings. Unlike many others, however, this one is still for sale…

In paintings like J Bay Moonshine, Bibb reveals to us just what a mysterious sight the African coastline can be – especially in the moonlight. The big rolling waves come toward us, breaking with an almost audible presence. The moonlight shines silently down upon the scene, the night enveloping everything in its silvery glow.

Conversely, bright sunshine is evident in the breathtaking Flaming Barrel, painted as a commission for a French client. The golden wave is just absolutely stunning to look at – once again, proving Bibb is the master of his art.

As we said, we simply can’t say enough about this amazing artist – the best thing we can recommend is that you take a little time out of your understandably busy day, meander over to and take a look through his stunning collection…

Wachania Mithayo – "Into the Future"

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

The youth of our world run through life with a feeling of power and invincibility, racing toward a future that is bright and adventurous. The celebrated arrival into adulthood often brings about a time of contemplation, disillusionment and confusion, causing the need to step back and take a look at life and the future from a new and very different angle. Reassessment of one’s direction in life and the realities that must be faced is not a quick process, but one that takes lengthy effort and patience. The wise take the time to carefully consider the steps they take, while others continue to rush through blindly.

"Into the Future" is an interpretation of this journey as seen by artist, Wachania Mithayo. Vivid shades of energetic red, mingled with hopeful golden light and smudges of challenging dirty gray, welcome and entice the traveler forward on this quest. The light at the end of the tunnel, encased by a darkened door-shape, promises answers and enlightenment, while giving hope and assurance. The road is long and continuous, enshrouded by bent trees that lean inward to protect, watch over and maybe even block the path. Similar roads will be taken many times throughout life; some long, others short, sometimes painful and other times joyful. We cannot stop the journey of life. It is in continuous motion, ever changing.

The journey into the future may be spiritual in nature, a time of self discovery, a process of going through the steps, or a struggle to overcome overwhelming obstacles. Whatever the nature, it guarantees growth and self-awareness. Ideally, we will grasp the strengths and nurture them to new heights. Our weaknesses can be accepted for what they are and often redirected.

This beautiful painting deserves a home in a prime location as a constant reminder to pursue with hope and anticipate with enthusiasm. Other paintings on Wachania Mithayo’s homepage are remarkable representations of the people, landscape and wildlife of the region. His realism is stunning.