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Tanya Niermans – painting in the in-between…

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The art of Tanya Niermans drifts somewhere in between impressionism and surrealism. With pieces dabbling in both, we can only congratulate her on her unwillingness to be anchored to any specific genre, concentrating instead on the things she is most inspired to paint! From mystical horses, to landscapes backed by flamboyant and magical skies, Niermans has it all.

In her painting Majestic, we see a depiction of a wonderful big male lion, his eyes full of the glowing embers of life. He smoulders all over the canvas, looking beyond, to the right of us, as his eyes search the beyond for far off prey, or perhaps simply the horizon. This oil painting is only one example of Nierman’s good use of color and form in her art – the dark background perfectly offsets the light yellows and golden hues of the lion himself. Certainly this is a striking piece, and at a mere $177, we can predict it will be hung on one lucky person’s wall before long.

Niermans is equally capable of painting a beautiful landscape. In Countryside 2, we see a painting in which the seeds of impressionism are clearly present – for example in the boughs and leaves of the trees – but where realism has also taken a foothold in the water and the land the artist is proverbially stepping on. What we find most attractive about this piece – apart from the thoughtfulness of the presentation – is the way the blue of the water contrasts so nicely with the various colors of the land. The reds, yellows and greens of the earth and foliage provide just the perfect vessel within which to lay the moisture. The color of the sky only continues the medley upward into the heavens.

One can certainly see in Niermans’ creations that she has come from an artistic family. We like her work very much indeed, and feel that it would be very well worth asking the artist to provide even larger photographs of paintings one might be interested in for one’s collection.