Gerard Kortenbout – "Campfire" and So Much More!

by Rebecca McKinley

The work of Gerard Kortenbout is highly inspired by the people and traditions of South Africa. As he watches both the land and inhabitants of this area changing before his eyes, his goal is to capture their character and tribal traditions in his paintings. Gerard’s work is diversified, encapsulating various nuances of this beautiful culture. “Campfire” seeks to give honor to the age old custom of an evening outdoors around a glowing fire. The sights and sounds of a quiet evening spent with friends and the pure calm of nature highlight the gorgeous background and setting sun.

Kortenbout’s portraits typically characterize specific individuals in their native dress, while savoring the unique personality of each. “A. Isaac” depicts an older man with an inviting face of contentment and wisdom, while “Anti Women Abuse” makes a strong statement in support of the many faceless women.

This artist brings attention to many animals of the wild in paintings like “Elephants at Play” and “Giraffe in the Mist”. He preserves the remarkable landscape through a range of interpretations in “Newmouth Richards Bay with Causerina Tree”, the colorful “Fever Trees Sunset” and the lovely “Forest Path”.  His depiction of a “Fishermans Cottage” is just as captivating as his “Palace ofJjustice – PTA”.

Gerard Kortenbout does a beautiful job of savoring the culture, people, land and wildlife of South Africa. Take the time to study his diverse work to gain an appreciation of his art’s aspiration.