Leon de Bliquy – a true South African talent.

by Jeanne Bowyer

Leon de Bliquy mentions in the very first sentence of his biography that he has, from an early age, seen the world through "blunted sight." But, curiously looking through his works, it would seem that "blunted" as his sight might be, his perception of the world carries with it a startling accuracy in terms of emotion.

You can see this most strikingly in works like Missing: Tsitsikamma magic, where, with the bold use of color – combined with an ethereal, painterly blurring of edges – the artist conjured a piece that might have appeared in someone else’s mind as a beautiful memory. Many of us can recall a hot, solitary moment in a summer’s day when we’ve been able to sit in a secluded place and simply take in the colors and objects around us: this same feeling is captured in a de Bliquy painting.

Looking a little more at Missing: Tsitsikamma magic, you are able to see a whole host of magical elements: we have feathers; beads; cords of what can only be silver; bubbles; flowing hair; rings and the suggestion of movement all over the canvas. This is so often seen in a de Bliquy – this suggestion of movement, everywhere. The hint of a host of ethereal figures dancing around against a mysterious purple sky only serves to deepen the intrigue of the painting as a whole.

All in all, Leon de Bliquy is an wonderful artist you’re be very wise to look carefully at when examining South African art as a whole – especially if you want to purchase a beautiful piece to hang on the wall. With recent works ranging in price from around $90 to around $4500, there’s something in everyone’s price range – and really, what more could one want in one’s sanctuary than a touch of de Bliquy magic?