Margo Schopf – "Our Mother, Ourselves"

by Rebecca McKinley

Margo Schopf brings a delightfully curious collection of thought provoking art to the table. Each of her oil on canvas paintings makes effective use of colorization to set the mood that may range from bright and airy to dark and suppressed. While most of her subjects are portrayed as vague and nondescript, they are all somehow distinct. Schopf’s, “Our Mother, Ourselves”, reveals figures encompassed in soft reds with subtle gray and white definitions. This work follows the path of life beginning as an unsuspecting child and growing all the way through maturity. The child is enveloped within the care of the mother, or parent, and gradually grows into the adult or parent themselves. Schopf reveals the irony of life in which a child is never able to totally separate from their caregivers. This is one of her larger paintings that measures W: 1210 mm x H: 940 mm x D: 45 mm (W: 48″ x H: 37″ x D: 2″).

Margo Schopf’s art creates a stimulating array of interesting life stories that are common among society. While each theme is loosely based upon Schopf’s own experiences and encounters, she leaves them wide open for the audience to embrace as their own. Each one has the versatility to invoke both pleasant and disturbing emotions depending upon the the perspective of the viewer.

When interpreting “Our Mother, Ourselves,” some will look upon the situation with humor and affection as they realize how much they actually resemble or act like one of their parents. Others might gaze upon the work with anger and regret that they are unable to escape the curses passed on through their genes. If either of those reactions occur, this artist has accomplished her purpose. Visit Margo Schopf’s homepage to view a gallery of her paintings.