Mark Enslin – "Painting 1″

by Rebecca McKinley

Mark Enslin’sPainting 1” is an astounding work of art giving tribute to the splendor and dignity of Africa’s spotted cheetah. The strokes of this artist’s brush bring canvas to life with outstanding detail and motion. While displaying the cheetah from various angles, contrast is shown through the innocence of youth, playfulness of adolescence and fierceness of the adult hunt. Green leafage in the background instills the jungle setting inhabited by the cheetah. The complimentary dimension of this oil painting are W: 610mm x H: 910mm (W: 24″ x H: 36″).

Enslin’s “Painting 1” is just the first in a series of five incredible paintings that each features one of Africa’s most marvelous animals. “Painting 2” shows the enormous elephant with outstanding strength and loyalty to its herd. The mighty rhinoceros is portrayed in “Painting 3” as powerful and muscular, while the buffalo in “Painting 4” proudly display the beautiful curvature of their horns. Finally, “Painting 5” exhibits the king of the jungle, the majestic lion. Each one of these paintings is as impressive as the next.

These works by Mark Enslin offer worthy commendation to the magnificent creatures of the wild. His ability to bring out the true nature of the animal is admirable. All five paintings in this series can be viewed on Mark Enslin’s homepage.