Martie Cruywagen – "Valley of Peace"

by Rebecca McKinley

Delightful and inviting are words that aptly describe Martie Cruywagen’sValley of Peace” We see only a portion of this valley that must surely be representative of a larger existence, as it brings about a sense of peacefulness and playfulness. The valley is surrounded by a gorgeous open sky of inviting blues and purples, while tiny homes are nestled in the plains below. All is well with an endless supply of water, clear and pristine, along with a plethora of freshly grown food, ripe for picking fresh from the vine. This valley of peace is surrounded by fertile rolling hills and mountains. The painting is done in acrylics on stretched canvas.

The hidden eyes of the dark mountains watch over the homes and people below. Or is it a giant clam shell with its inhabitant waiting to gobble up any who dare try to disturb peace in the valley? Though the painting is busy with many facets, it does not come across as cluttered or chaotic, but rather extremely ordered and tidy. Just a small amount of imagination could bring forth children and lovers frolicking among the flowers and fields. This hidden “Valley of Peace” is a heavenly oasis that blocks off all threat of disturbance from beyond its secure walls.

Numerous paintings by Martie Cruywagen that are just as enticing as this one can be seen on her homepage. While being enhanced with whimsy and radiant colors, each one is distinct in its own right and tells its own story.