Mynie Brits – "Poppies"

by Rebecca McKinley

Feel the wind, hear the rustle and smell the delicate aroma of “Poppies” by Mynie Brits. In this piece that uses the modern medium of giclée on canvas, the blossoms come to life as they race together with a unity of purpose. The art lover is able to use their own imagination to decide if the poppies are laughing and playing with glee or hiding their faces from a bristling wind. Maybe they are simply bowing in reverence to their maker. It is up to the beholder to decide. “Poppies” presents a beautiful display with dimensions of W: 1200mm x H: 800mm (W: 47″ x H: 31″ ).

Brits brings astounding life and motion to these vibrant flowers as they “pop” from the canvas. The poppies rush towards the viewer giving the feeling that they will soon be enveloped into the image, surrounded by hundreds of magnificent red floral blooms.

Mynie Brits combines photographs with technology to design unique art with distinct personality. She is an astonishing woman in spite of her extremely limited body movement. Brits utilizes a computer along with head movements to create her work. Learn more about Mynie and view her striking pictures on her Homepage.