Natalia Zezia – "A World Unknown"

by Rebecca McKinley

Artist Natalia Zezia‘s love of nature is revealed in “A World Unknown” as she renders a marvelous and insightful portrayal of the universal feminine persona. She utilizes an artful mixture of flowers and other distinctive flora to write the beautiful story of life and the unknowns faced by all women of the world. Zezia created this work of art by using graphic ink on white Ashrad paper. Dimensions of the drawing are W: 410mm x H: 410mm (W: 16″ x H: 16″).

The central focus of the picture is a slender and curvacious feminine creature that highlights the right portion of the work. All that surrounds her is reflective of the intricate spirit and emotions of a woman as she faces opportunities and obstacles encountered in an unknown world.

In “A World Unknown” we see the whimsey, creativity, growth, contentment, boldness and happiness that reward the feminine being. In opposition, the capricious ghostly countenances lean toward the indecision, fear and uncertainty that women also encounter. A large daisy in the top left corner presents an openness to life and the joys that can be found there, while the nearby hidden and protective flower buds remain closed in doubtful contemplation. Is the subject in the top right corner fleeing from danger or rushing forward to new and exciting challenges? Circular and oval shapes reveal the continuing motion of life that would remain dormant without the fertile egg shapes in the lower right corner that enable a woman to bring about life in all mankind.

“A World Unknown” and other inspiring works by Natalia Zezia can be observed on her homepage. This artist has a wonderful gift for depicting the love, life and passion of a woman.