Sonja Margerison – "friendship"

by Rebecca McKinley

The theme is a love of flowers; their beauty, emotions and exuberant life flow.  Artist, Sonja Margerison expresses her appreciation for beautiful blossoms by depicting them in the majority of her paintings. While she also creates impressive seascapes, landscapes and beach scenes, flowers appear to be the dominating force of her work.

In her inspiring painting, ‘friendship”, Margerison reveals a heart-warming expression of the individual similarities and differences that compliment the strong bond between lasting friends. While the left half of this bouquet is longer with sharper features, the right side is shorter and fuller with more muted details. The two sides, or friends, are similar with many common interests; however, they are also distinctly different. They each bring their own valuable attributes to the relationship, and that is what makes it so special. There are enough commonalities to create an attraction, but the fascinating differences make each half of this bouquet a spray of its own. Separate, they are astounding; and together they are magnificent.

Sonja’s admiration for vibrant flora exudes an attitude of hope, strength and prosperity. In good times and bad, the delicate blossoms persevere and continue to show their face with a promise of beauty and good things to come. Stop by Sonja Margerison’s web page for a glorious display.