Bridget Randall – "Warthog Kneeling"

by Cindy Paul

Bridget Randall’s¬†artistic work shows a marked partiality to animals, in particular, the many wild and semi-wild animals and wildlife in South Africa. Among her pieces of art on¬†are collectibles such as the otter, the pangolin, the dikdiks, and the warthogs. Bridget also shows an undeniable penchant for horses, and for working in the demanding medium of bronze, as well.

"Warthog Kneeling" is a perfect representative of the Randall collection. The fantastical warthog comes to life in exquisite detail and all its splendid unattractiveness, presented in a kneeling posture that gives the animal a vulnerable quality. The person who takes home this unique bronze sculpture is bringing a conversation piece and, ultimately, a good companion, into their life. Every viewer will want to see it from each angle, touch its rugged, yet smooth bronze hide, and experience the quiet yet undeniable friendliness this kneeling warthog evinces.

Others in Bridget’s fine collection include "Otter Cape Clawless," a masterful bronze rendering of the otter, one foreleg up and ready to go play. "S9 Dikdiks" is a breathtakingly lovely bronze piece featuring a pair of these graceful creatures, huddling close to each other and alert. "Rolling Horse" (S42) is a startlingly faithful portrayal of a well-muscled horse on its back in the throes of mid-roll. And S25, "Pangolin," offers a fascinating look of this remarkable South African wildlife ambassador, complete with innumerable scales, all rendered individually in painstaking devotion.

The artist’s love of both wildlife and sculpture are plentifully evident in each of her pieces online.