Marie Theron – "Figs"

by Cindy Paul

Marie Theron is a successful full-time artist who has exhibited her work all over the world. She works with either acrylic or oil on canvas, showing perhaps a slight preference for acrylics but a mastery of both.

The acrylic on canvas Marie has simply titled "Figs" is as luscious as the fruit it features. A gorgeous palette of rich purples and reds, set off by a few olive-green leaves, is a treat for the eye. Five purple figs are still on the vine and one fig, in the lower foreground has been cut in half to display its inner glory.

Simple and artistically executed, "Figs" shows its subjects outlined in both stark white and black, with pure white highlights. The background is a feast of amorphous reddish hues, shaded by green, all in heavy, sumptuous strokes.

Many of Marie’s paintings feature landscapes. "Everything is Possible, Saldanha Bay" is a classical view of ships in a bay, beautifully rendered in oil on a canvas panel. A good 80% of this particular canvas is given over to shades of blue in the water and sky.

There are times when this artist departs from her safe zone and enters into the world of whimsy and suggestion shown to us by geniuses such as Cezanne and Van Gogh. "The Cat’s Viewpoint" is a case in point, featuring the masterfully depicted world of a cat’s imagination in deep cubist colors and unapologetic, improbable forms.

Bold colors, outlined subjects, and a grand sense of style are the hallmarks of this accomplished artist’s work.