Caroline Street – "Clivias"

by Cindy Paul

Fine artist Caroline Street grew up with a father who was a craftsman and an artist. Caroline’s main subjects reflect her love for the magnificent South African wildlife, architecture, and exotic flora, with several portraits of interesting people included. She is self-taught, yet inspired.

The artist works in oil on canvas, displaying her vision in either photographic realism or pointillistic fantasy. She keeps an extensive collection on at all times. One standout is named "Clivias," a sumptuous display of the popular flower that blooms once a year throughout the area. Caroline achieves a remarkably rich detail and extraordinary depth in this realistic painting. A simple palette of greens with shocking rust-colored flowers captures the viewer immediately, while a cornucopia of textures, all impeccably carried out, provides a nearly unending treat for the eyes.

For a basically self-taught painter, she is extraordinarily nimble and obviously loves and respects her craft. "African Sunset" is an example of her unique approach to the landscape of the region, portrayed with great impressionistic freedom and joy.

"Lioness" is a stunning closeup of the head of this wonderful cat, and features hundreds of finely placed, tiny brush strokes, which the artist used to mimic the thick fur, its contrast, and texture. In the background is a stark field of tall weeds in olive on black, full of movement, yet delicate. And "Exotica" is a portrait of everyday shrubs from the artist’s own garden, brightly painted in unexpected colors that transform the normal into the fantastic.