Deric Botha – "Demons"

by Cindy Paul

Deric  Botha is a devotee of the abstract, the fantastic, and the sublime. His work represents the machinations of an artist who considers realism superfluous, opting instead to portray on canvas the images of his own subconscious.

"Demons" is one of these portrayals, an evocative painting consisting of the faces of dozens of demons crowded together, all staring straight into the viewer’s soul. Haunting and, without question, ghost-like, these particular demons also have something almost friendly, even funny, about them. One gets the feeling they aren’t really as frightening as they’d like to be.

This painting, like most of Deric’s other offerings on, is made using mixed media in bright, primary colors, heavily outlined in black. It is one of Deric’s more expensive pictures, but is extremely affordable.

Another piece by this interesting artist is simply called "Clowns." It depicts an equally unsettling vision of faces in a complicated, intertwined landscape of colorful, boldly textured, geometric shapes. Hidden figures will suddenly peek out at the viewer, the longer they stare into the painting. Right in the center is the clown, a non-committal, bright red face with a bulbous nose and white-outlined mouth and eyes. Though "Clowns"was born in a different place from "Demons,"  it is nevertheless a citizen of the same fantastical country.

Deric Botha is a painter with a whimsical, tumultuous viewpoint, sometimes happy or sad, but most often an intriguing mixture of the two.