Eilerson – "Revival"

by Cindy Paul

Eilerson is an artist with only one name and a singular perspective. He works sometimes in acrylics on board, sometimes in mixed media on paper, and frequently, just with pencil on paper. An artist with notable ability in drawing, Eilerson presents an eclectic collection of his work on SouthAfricanArtists.com. Some pieces are well-rendered realistic drawings, and some, like the subject of this post, are works of fantasy and emotion.

"Revival" is a bright, happy painting carried out in acrylics on board. It pictures a foreground full of white flowers, all turned toward the viewer as if looking back at him or her. Behind, is a middle ground of primal red hues, terminating in a high blue hill topped with three crosses. The heavens beyond are caught in the process of opening up, an inspiring and moving sight.

"Revival" is a meaningful work for Eilerson, displaying his spiritual side in a vivid, almost primitive manner. It’s a symbolic, carefree piece, laid down straight from the heart with great sincerity and panache. There is no laboring over technique in this painting, just a palpable need to convey an earth-changing moment.

By contrast, "Debbie" is an intimate, quiet portrayal of a little girl, done in pencil with much attention to technique. The girl sits on the ground, sweatered arms on the knees of her jeans, and peeks out at the witness. Her fisted hands are placed in front of her face, almost covering the eyes, which smile out at us in the epitome of innocence… a sweet, lovely picture, indeed.