Estelle Logie – "Blue Vase"

by Cindy Paul

Estelle Logie is a tremendously facile artist whose preferred medium is acrylic, though she also has a number of watercolors under her belt. She has exhibited her bright, appealing work all around the country, and her gallery on includes landscapes, village portraits, figures and floral pieces.

"Blue Vase" is a stunning representative of the best Estelle has to offer. A somewhat narrow vertical rectangular canvas is filled to overflowing with a vase featuring flowers that are saturated with life and color. The blue vase that the painting is named after is riveting in its deep, rich blue and many reflections, and the eye keeps coming back to it, as if addicted. Churning curves of huge leaves echo the round flower petals and are vividly reminiscent of Chagall’s  fantasy florals. A deep, wine-colored cloth is the base for all this wild loveliness.

In start comparison, "Abundance" is, on the surface, a staid, yet attractive canvas comprised of quilt-like rectangles and squares fitted into each other, each representing a different vignette. The artist describes this painting as "The abundance of the creation in all facets of life in harmony."

Two splendid landscapes, "Overberg Street Scene" and "As the Crow Flies" also show the wide spectrum of interpretive styles Estelle is highly capable of employing. The first is an artistic picture postcard of the entrance to a charming village, complete with church steeple, and the second displays a very different village in a crowded, chunky Cubist style.