Jonathan Hindson – "Sleeping Reflection"

by Cindy Paul

At the impressionable age of eleven, Jonathan Hindson moved with his family from Johannesburg to France. Straightaway, he began studying in a Bordeaux art school, though he avers that his South African roots are still alive inside him.

His body of work on is as eclectic in style as the images he portrays. Acrylics, digital art, ink, print work, and several mixed media pieces are displayed in Jonathan’s gallery. Many pictures are quite large or created in unusual sizes. Many are collages. All are extremely contemporary and intriguing.

"Sleeping Reflection" is one of Jonathan’s most successful pieces, although it is by no means among his most costly. A masterful depiction of a nude woman sleeping, this canvas draws us in to a secret, fascinating world. The figure, erotic and pale, sleeps on her front torso with her head to the side. She is witnessed in the reflection of a mirror, in front of which we can make out vague shapes of furniture, dark and hard-edged, in pleasant contrast to the light-colored scene beyond. Fully one-third of the canvas is taken up with a study of old wallpaper, stained and intricate in its Victorian floral design. Just past the sleeping woman is a wall with textured layers of darkish reds and indeterminate shadows, highly abstract, as if representing the subject’s dreams… or nightmares.

Hindson offers several other canvases, each one as absorbing as the next. He is a well-trained craftsman and an inspired artist, destined for success and recognition.