Monika Mazur

by Cindy Paul

Monika Mazur works with oil and mixed media to put visions of brightly colored, sweeping subjects on her canvases. She has a varied collection up at, including two striking nudes, a couple of florals, and a poignant mother and child.

"Tulip" is a strong oil on canvas which depicts two deeply colored red-orange tulip blossoms on a field of the same color. The flowers are given to the viewer in the hard-hitting O’Keefe style which typically depicts the image in an extreme closeup, no matter the size of the canvas. Two tulip blossoms cover a good three-quarters of the Mazur canvas, extending out far beyond its borders in such a way that our eye tends to follow them, then drift back in.

The heavy use of red-orange is  relieved in this attractive piece by a few black-green leaf shapes in the background at the base of the canvas, as well as some welcome green stalks and leaves in the foreground. Quite nicely carried out, "Tulips" would be a splashy centerpiece for the right environment.

Mazur’s "Waterlilies" is an irresistible painting. This piece is also reminiscent of famous artwork, calling to mind both Monet’s and Manet’s works on the same subjects. A spray of waterlilies and the curvy round leaves that surround them float on a sumptuous field of aquamarine water. One can almost see the surface of the pond swell and ebb. Mazur portrays her waterlilies in deeper colors than the impressionists, with a nod to contemporary modern interpretations.