Dale Robertson – "Sensual Portrait 1″

by Cindy Paul

This SouthAfricanArtists.com contributor has a nice collection of photographic art in his online gallery. Of his work,¬†Dale Robertson says that it’s a privilege to capture moments in the lives of his subjects. He believes that turning that moment into a piece of art takes it out of time and makes it, and the subject, immortal. "If only we could capture every moment of our lives," he says. It is in this spirit that he creates his artistic photographs.

"Sensual Portrait 1" is a photo of a woman against a rocky wall, wearing a revealing, feminine dress. The composition in this well-executed photograph is interesting, with the almost geometric planes of the woman’s body exaggerated by high contrast and echoed in the craggy surfaces behind her. But what is most appealing is the expression on the woman’s face. She gazes off to her left, far beyond the borders of the picture, with a look that might be fear, awe, or wonder. We want to know what it is she sees, and exactly what it is she’s feeling.

While "Sensual Portrait 1″ is executed in a completely realistic style, many of Robertson’s other pieces are manipulated digitally. A black and white piece labeled simple "Nude" is a good example of his vision in digital photographic art. This piece is a monochromatic depiction of a nude female subject in a semi-fetal position, face hidden. The artist combines bold outlines of her body with otherworldly veins in the surreal background, which are repeated in the woman’s extremities. The effect is ¬†organic and ¬†startling.