Gerard Vlok Goegels – "Still Life with Fruit"

by Cindy Paul

Gerard Vlok Goegels has a colorful style, full of his own unique point of view. His subjects are frequently males, frozen in interesting moments, most often nude or semi-clothed.Symbolism and fantasy play important roles in his artwork, which is inevitably freewheeling and attractive.

"Still Life with Fruit" is one of Vlok’s most successful pieces. An unassuming grouping of fruit with the usual vase on a table, this oil on canvas is made irresistible by its stunning graphic nature. Dozens of perfect squares comprise the picture, each one in a shade that enhances. The painting is an uneven trapezoid on top of a painted, olive-colored border, complete with vivid shadows in two opposite corners, adding a calculated depth.

The color palette of "Still Life with Fruit" is bold and uncompromising, featuring a tomato-red vase and apple, a chartreuse pear, and a yellow background. The objects rest together on the edge of a blue table, which forms another trapezoid that covers about the lower one-third of the picture. Trendy and fun, this piece is altogether enchanting.

Graphic elements play a big part in Gerhard Vlok’s artistic style. "Postcards from the Edge" is another good example, featuring several rectangular, abstract postcards outlined in bold, black shadows, all on a mardi gras-style background. We’re either going on vacation or to some kind of dark party… or both.

While Vlok is quite capable of realistic art, it will still usually have strong graphic elements. "Beth" is a lovely case in point.