Glendine – "Landscape"

by Cindy Paul

This SouthAfricanArtist goes by one name, Glendine. She is a professional, working artist, renowned in her home country and recognized abroad. Glendine has almost always painted. Her work is at once intimate and joyous, full of life and her love of it and everything around her. Rare qualities indeed.

"Landscape" shows a whimsical view of a little cottage atop a hill. It is flanked on one side by two lollipop-type trees, and behind it lies a bright yellow sky. In the foreground, which covers two-thirds of the camvas, we see a rolling field that climbs upward and becomes the hillock on which the house sits. Nicely structured by heavy shadow strokes, it is also covered by thin, curving lines representing tall reeds in the immediate foreground of the picture. The entire color palette consists of a happy tomato red landscape with the yellow sky in the background and the little white house as the focal point, drawing the viewer in. This friendly, somehow comforting piece is an acrylic measuring 24″ by 24″ square.

One of Glendine’s finest works in this collection is called "Laslappie," a lively oil on canvas. This picture also shows a white farmhouse with red roof and a tree, and also evinces the same joyful feeling. But it is entirely different. Glendine portrays the rolling field in the foreground as a literal quilt, complete with fabric patterns and delineated rectangular patches. The mountain in the background is a startling black, setting off a sky full of dramatic sunset colors carried out in bold, deft strokes.