Ilko Alexandrov – "Worst Case Scenario II"

by Cindy Paul

Ilko Alexandrov is a well-established niche artist on whose tastes run to the darker, more pensive side of life. Ilko works mostly in mixed media, but some works in this gallery are oils.

A good example of the moody sensibilities displayed by this artist can be seen in "Worst Case Scenario II." In the lower right-hand corner of the canvas, a lone figure leans into a heavy rainstorm, about to escape off the border of the picture. Though we can’t see the face and, indeed, have only a vague suggestion of a body clothed in a dark red, ankle-length coat, we somehow capture the spirit of the figure immediately. Drenched, embattled, and probably nearly hopeless, he nevertheless trudges onward.

The rest of the painting is a bleak, minimalistic depiction of what perhaps is a road, a horizon, and possibly a tree. It matters not at all that the viewer can’t identify the forms. What’s important is the startling impact the painting inevitably creates.

"Desolate and Dying Summer V" is another mixed media offering along the same lines. True to its title, it shows a grey, amorphous day outside a huge window and an empty chair flanked by a green curtain. A somehow frightening black shape hovers over the chair, perhaps a raven that just made its way into the house through the partially open window.

Ilko’s slogan is "Visiting the absences, architecting the obscure." This motto seems to sum up everything Ilko Alexandrov is about as an artist.