Jack Lugg – "Summer Morning"

by Cindy Paul

An accomplished abstract artist, Jack Lugg sometimes dabbles in sculpture work. His strengths, however, lie in his oil paintings, for which he has a gift. He wields his powers freely, yet with a clear vision, to produce interesting, appealing, and sometimes moving art, priced accordingly on SouthAfricanArtists.com.

Many of Jack’s paintings smack of the Cubist style. "Summer Morning" is a good example of these, and on the lower rung of his price range. It depicts four full human figures in a row in the lower center of the canvas. One plays an instrument like an early clarinet, while the others listen. An enormous geometric border frames the main picture within its highly graphic borders. Inside this painted frame, at the top, several primitive figures appear, and it is further decorated with trees on either side. Looking closer, we notice two large figures, one on either side of the four listening men. Above them is a symbol that could represent the tree of life, on which sits a large white bird. The only clue the artist gives us for this painting’s interpretation is its title, "Summer Morning."

"Evolution" is a purely abstract work in the most classical sense of the word. An indeterminate background full of depth and texture is all but suffused by a plane of bold, curving slashes in bright hues. The color palette is an attractive one, with salmons, russets, and yellows complemented by contemporary blues.

Another piece, "The Struggle for Existence," is one of Jack’s most complex pieces, well worth a look.