Kathy Kay – "Crimson Dawn"

by Cindy Paul

Kathy Kay is one of those artists who graduated from watercolors to oils over the course of her art career. A beach resident, she has made a special study of painting water and waves and has unlocked the key to success for her seascape visions. Also a photographer, Kathy frequently paints from photos she takes for that purpose. Her collection of artwork on SouthAfricanArtists.com is heavy on the ocean scapes, but also includes several nice landscapes and some miscellaneous  South African wildlife subjects.

"Crimson Dawn" is a quintessential beach scene from this accomplished artist. A hugely dramatic sky of salmon- and lavender-colored clouds is reflected in the wet sand and ocean water spread out below it. This is a good-sized oil on canvas, created in an impeccable, minimalistic style. The waves cut in a lively, shallow diagonal across the canvas, and clouds echo their motion above. The artist says of this painting that she captured what she saw in a magnificent sunrise on the beach one morning. It must have been an inspiring morning, indeed.

"End of the Day" and "Breaking Wave" are two more lovely ocean-themed paintings in this gallery. The first gives us a close-up view of three large boats anchored in a harbor, bobbing gently in water that seems to actually move as we view it. Kathy has an uncanny ability with reflections and the white crests of moving waters. This last is the star of the show in "Breaking Wave," an attractive, traditional seascape.