Nemesia – "Alive with Enthusiasm"

by Cindy Paul

In her own words, Nemesia says, "I love people. And I love to paint." Her goal is to capture her subjects’ spirit on canvas, interpreting in two dimensions what she perceives in four.

The artist does not always stick to human portraits or the human form, however. "Alive with Enthusiasm" is a decorative oil on canvas depicting a few sprays of flowers on a striking background. A warm color palette of salmons, yellows, and greens would embellish practically any wall, and the subject itself is indeed enthusiastic. Nemesia has a sure hand with outlining and textural brushstrokes, as well as a nice sense of composition.

Many of Nemesia’s pieces bear titles such as "Alive with Enthusiasm," leading the viewer to instantly understand the type of emotion she wants to convey. "Bold Calmness," "Justice – Easy Going," and "Christelle – She Walks Along Rivers of Serenity" are good examples of these. There is an ongoing debate in the art world as to whether a work of art should have such descriptive titles, or whether it should, perhaps, speak for itself. It seems that Nemesia would like to be very clear in her interpretations. This is a legitimate stance, one which could be construed as considerate toward her viewers.

Alternatively, "We Don’t See God’s Angels 1" is a large oil showing a woman praying, unaware that an angel is right at her side, about to touch her shoulder. There is no question, regardless of the title, what the artist is trying to communicate here.