Ettienne du Plessis – "Koffiebus en Teebus"

by Cindy Paul

Enamored by all aspects of art since he was a very small child, Ettienne de Plessis has blossomed into a very fine painter indeed. His online gallery consists solely of landscapes, mostly carried out in a staid, classically expressionistic style. His paintings sometime contain references to a great master such as Van Gogh, which is the case in "After the Rain" and "After the Rain 2." Both show dramatic landscapes in front of a sky full of swirling clouds. In "After the Rain 2," these white swirls on a solid, grey-green sky threaten to take over the painting, but greatly enhance it instead.

"Koffiebus en Teebus" is a dazzling landscape executed in acrylic on a canvas measuring 24″ wide by 16″ high. It depicts a rich, golden plain in the foreground, which occupies more than half of the canvas. On the horizon are several mesas with unusual shapes reminiscent of the Egyptian pyramids. A loose-wash sky reigns over all. One of the principle interests in this acrylic is the contrast between the heavily shadowed purple mesas and the russet golds of the plain before them.

"Vroegwintersoggend" is a remarkable landscape depicting a snowy plain and a wintry-white sky. There are two major features that draw the eye and captivate it. One is a wide, uneven black strip on the horizon which divides the sky from the middle and foregrounds. The other is a bright red circle, extraordinarily placed on the far right-hand corner of the horizon. The effect is extremely abstract and refreshing.