Fanie Scholtz – "Afternoon Breeze 1″

by Cindy Paul

Fanie Scholtz is an accomplished artist who prefers to work in oils or acrylics. Most of his pieces are idyllic landscapes, but several portraits and some more contemporary paintings, such as "Autumn Hills 2" and "Small Pot 4," can be found in his extensive online collection.

Scholtz lives on a farm in Cape Town, taking inspiration from the scenes around him. This is the kind of artist that can make something beautiful on canvas out of a seemingly uninteresting, rocky desert.

"Afternoon Breeze 1" is a favorite among his current collection. Beautifully expressive, it’s a nice-sized oil on a canvas measuring 39″ wide by 24″ high. It features an abstract-looking plain on a breezy, sunny day. Three horizontal strips, decorated with well-considered textures and broad-to-fine brush strokes, are all it takes this artist to set the attractive scene. The top half of the picture is devoted to a gorgeous, deep blue sky with wispy indications of clouds. The bottom half is divided into a yellow field, which is the middle ground, and an orange field, which is the foreground. Simplistic as it sounds, this is nevertheless a stunning painting.

"Tankwa River" can probably be considered a painting more like the ones Scholtz usually makes. It’s a delightful portrayal of a river cutting through a shore lined with rocks on one side and lush trees on the other. In the distance is a line of trees, and behind that a low, lavender mountain.

Scholtz’ work possesses a uniquely lovely perspective.