Jo Holtzkamp – "The Musician and His Number One Fan"

by Cindy Paul

Abstract artist Jo Holtzkamp is a fearless experimenter in the mixed media venues of her chosen work. She uses everything from photography to collage to mixed media to come up with small "jewels of expression," as she calls them. Nearly every canvas in her online collection is a pure abstract, employing mainly vague rectangular shapes with heavy emphasis on texture and contemporary, chic color palettes.

A few pieces, such as "The Musician and His Number One Fan," incorporate figures that are recognizable. In this case, the musician is holding what looks to be a guitar. He may also have the mouthpiece of a horn at his lips, but we’re unsure as witnesses. A nebulous shape that could be the face of his number one fan mirrors the musician’s, and all around them are handsome palette-knife created textures in slate blue, rust, and light yellow-green.

"Red Door" is a wonderful little abstract number done up in delicious blues and greens. In the bottom right-hand quadrant, among all the other abstract shapes, is a large reddish rectangle. We assume it’s the door in the title, but one never knows for sure.

"Inspiration" is a mixed media portrayal of a balloon. Dark red in color and floating upward on a thin, tenuous black string, the balloon is shown in a tall, narrow space filled with turquoise, purple, and emerald shapes. At once quite abstract yet understandable, this is a delightful picture.