Michiel Cruywagen – "Roses in Copper Bowl"

by Cindy Paul

Michiel Cruywagen has a small but appealing gallery online, consisting of attractive paintings within a nice price range. His style ranges from the classically impressionistic to the Neo Cubist, and his subjects are faithfully depicted in well-chosen color palettes.

Cruywagen’s oil on canvas called "Roses in Copper Bowl" is a good-sized painting, at 34″ wide by 23″ high. It pictures exactly what the title promises, in an inimitably traditional manner. The flowers are in their prime and practically singing, nicely placed inside a copper-colored bowl. Around and behind the flowers is an abstract middle ground and background, while the foreground is carried out in a solid light salmon color. This classic piece would make a nice addition to just about any setting.

Cruywagen has published a seascape in this online collection. This is a noble portrayal of the ocean, presumably at high tide, when the waves are smashing against a rocky shore. The piece is called "Sardinia Bay," taken from the location itself. Of this piece, the artist says it was the light from the stormy sky, reflected all over the water that attracted him to the scene.

A favorite in this group of paintings is called "Xhosa Living." This picture is different from the others, more cubistic in style, and very graphic. It displays a charming village by the water, blue hills in the background and a stormy sunset above. The buildings are outlined in bold strokes and the colors are exceptionally intense.