Allyson Shone – "Garden Queen"

by Cindy Paul

Allyson Shone is a watercolor teacher who creates her own paintings using both watercolors and oils. She has a practiced, easy hand with her delicate watercolors, such as one can easily see in "White Roses" and "Bouganvillea." These are both large works that feature magnificent flower arrangements captured by an artist with a wonderful eye and an obvious devotion to beauty.

"Irises" is a stunning piece which Shone painted in oils. Her work in this medium differs vastly from her watercolors, showing an strict attention to boundaries and blending that tends toward the high-contrast values, as opposed to her lovely watercolor pastel palettes.

"Garden Queen" depicts some amazing purple blossoms surrounded by yellow-green stalks. Created on glass paper known as "Yupo" paper, this watercolor is a lovely work. The composition, flow, and rhythm of the piece match the undeniable appeal of the flowers. This is one of Shone’s most successful watercolors. It measures fourteen inches wide by nineteen inches high and the flowers occupy nearly the entire canvas, though space is devoted to the stems and leaves of the crowded garden the comprises the vibrant background.

For a unique departure from her usual approach, see "Magic," a lovely oil painting portrait of the grey-furred head of a cat with bright golden eyes. This picture captures the spirit of the little animal in high-contrast purity. Unlike most of her work, "Magic" shows the subject on a plain brown background, which allows the light-colored whiskers to play very well indeed.