Andrew Sanan – "Peace" and "Listen"

by Cindy Paul

Now living and showing in East London, Andrew Sanan has a penchant for painting landscapes, and almost always works in oils on canvas. The glory of nature in the form of seascapes and florals, plus many lovely architectural scenes, will also frequently catch his eye. "Tuscan Bridge" is a fine ambassador for Sanan’s grasp of architecture set in the midst of a nature-blessed locale.

A painting simply called "Peace" is probably one of the best-executed, most moving of Sanan’s landscapes in this collection. It is a striking depiction of a field divided by a large, low, blue hill on the horizon and a burgeoning, stormy-grey sky. Beautifully painted trees delineate the middle and foregrounds, and the immediate foreground is covered with heavy weeds and growth created with a palette knife in the high-contrast colors of wheat and dark maroon. As the storm grows, a stand of evergreens meets it calmly, accepting what will be with abundant grace and nobility.

"Listen" is a similar painting, another beautiful field with sentinel green trees dotting the middle ground and horizon. The palette knife work is exquisite throughout this remarkable canvas, and the artist displays a deft understanding of the power of light and dark. As with the title "Peace," "Listen" makes it clear to the artist’s viewers that they are not witnessing what is intended for just another pretty landscape here. The scene is alive and vibrant, and the tall trees are the stoic, lovely stars of the show.