Anna-Mare Buys – "Cosmos – Eastern Free State"

by Cindy Paul

Anna-Mare Buys is a traditional artist working in both acrylics and oils on canvas. She likes to paint mostly landscapes and seascapes, but also dabbles in florals and the occasional portrait. Buys calls her painting style "impressionistic-realistic," which is a good way to describe it, but doesn’t get at the heart of her talent. Strong on composition and the attractive use of bold textures and brush strokes, Buys’ greatest gift is her color palettes. They are inevitably sumptuous and delightful, offering enormous depth and attraction. At times, the fearlessness of Buys’ approach is reminiscent of some of the impressionistic masters. This can be seen in "Before the Storm," a work that immediately grabs hold of the viewers and draws them into the dramatic stormy landscape, not taking No for an answer.

"Cosmos – Eastern Free State" is a beautiful oil, executed in Buys’ most unabashed style. Full of dark and light contrast and done up in lovely complementary shades of off-green and magenta, this painting is extremely sensual and luscious. Very simple in its composition, it portrays an indeterminate building on an estate with a sweeping lawn and tall, narrow trees in front of a blue sky with classic white clouds. In the foreground is a field of magnificent dark pink flowers, covering nearly the full bottom half of the canvas. What makes the flowers so extraordinary is that they are created with nothing but impressionistic blotches over a huge background of near-black, darkest magenta.