Div de Villiers – "The Boxed Comparisons Cabinet"

by Cindy Paul

Div de Villiers is a sculptor whose medium of preference is wood. The artist shows a nice facility in the techniques of wood carving throughout this online collection. There is also evidence of a good familiarity with the special technical ability required to work with wood and metals such as copper in combination. "Yellow Wood Shama" is a great example of the latter type of sculpture from de Villiers. It employs a well-executed combination of yellow wood, creating a sleek bird figure, and brass, which acts as the bird’s legs. Another work that combines wood and metal is "Ash Wednesday," a highly polished abstract sculpture of a female form. In "The Perfect Day," we see copper strips with pounded texture used to enhance three fanciful human figures made of warm rosewood.

De Villiers’ multi-dimensional sculpture called "The Boxed Comparisons Cabinet" is one of his most interesting pieces. It consists of two groupings of blond poplar frames in various sizes, offset on two fold-out planes. Inside each light-colored wood frame are small compositions made of purple heart wood, which is a beautiful shade of mahogany. The two different woods contrast nicely with each other, and each holds its own in terms of having good reason for being.

The different "pictures" created by the purple heart wood inside the blond frames give this fun "cabinet" endless fascination and appeal for the viewer. The idea for this sculpture was simple, but the end result is anything but simplistic.