Edward Saunders – "Curious Tiger Cub"

by Cindy Paul

Brian Edward Saunders is a gifted artist who works almost exclusively with pencil and paper. His work is therefore almost all in black and white with deftly wrought variations of grays. Saunders manages to craft some beautiful pieces in this highly restrictive medium, from the simplest "White Rose" to "Chimba," a photographic representation of a beautiful lion. This latter work is a stunning example of Saunders ability with the humble pencil.

"African Iris" and "African Daisy" are remarkable also, both accomplished with pencil on a large black field. The artist has left the bulk of the canvas in black, giving an interesting, almost Oriental flavor to the work, since the field retains almost as much importance as the subject. "African Iris," in fact, is highly delicate and Japanese in nature, due to the compelling, large black background and the stark black-and-white beauty of the two flowers themselves, on placed in the high left corner, and one in the lower right.

"Curious Tiger Cub" is an irresistible portrait carried out in oil pastel on paper. This work measures 17″ wide by 24″ high and depicts a picture-perfect tiger cub with ears and one paw caught in the act of emerging from a window or pet door. The beautiful markings of the tiger are assiduously drawn in the expected colors of brown, black, and white. Again, the artist uses a striking, all-black field. The tiger cub’s attention is drawn somewhere off to his right, where he appears to be contemplating springing.