Johan Kock – "Overberg in Autumn"

by Cindy Paul

Johan Kok has a lovely way about him with the landscape, water, and animate subjects. "My goal is to share the beauty of creation and life through my paintings," says Kok, and he is a gifted artist who has been able to succeed at his goal. His paintings, all in oil, have enormous depth and liveliness, and he thoroughly understands the importance of light, dark, rhythm, and composition in painting. In "Farm Gate in Shadow," a fine example, we see a stunning, high-contrast painting of a field with a line of dark trees, beautifully executed, and a palette-knife created gold field before it.

"Overberg in Autumn" is a real beauty among this lovely collection. Also a landscape, it depicts a rhythmic South African field in sophisticated shades of purple and light sienna, punctuated by very dark olive-green rows of trees, zig-zagging in the distance. The sweep of the land, subtly depicted by the artist with a respectful eye for the beautiful vision before him, is what brings this particularly attractive painting to life. Tidy round bales of hay in rows give a sense of order to the scene and remind us of similarly moving landscapes of the French impressionists.

Another very successful piece, "Marienfluss Vista," also adorns this grouping. Like Kok’s other landscapes, it is generously graceful and appealing, though its price tag is wildly different. This is perhaps quite understandable, given that the painting’s dimensions are on a much larger scale.