Melanie Meyer – "Forest for the Trees,"

by Cindy Paul

Melanie Meyer concentrates almost exclusively on turning out her remarkable abstract landscapes in acrylic. Her paintings range from fairly diminutive, such as "Autumn Hills 04," which measures one foot square, to the likes of "Flamingo Vlei," another square canvas, but which measures nearly four feet by four feet. "Autumn Hills" is a rare departure for Meyer, as it is a recognizable depiction of a reddish landscape, with a row of trees in the horizon and beautiful clouds above. "Flamingo Vlei," on the other hand, is a true abstract and as such is much more similar to the bulk of her online collection.

In "Forest for the Trees," we have a large canvas that measures 48″ wide by 35″ high, completely filled with a rich abstract acrylic. The artist explains that these are the foothills of a forest, where a journey begins. The work is comprised of horizontal layers that have no immediate meaning other than to support the viewer’s imagination. As we superimpose our knowledge of the title, combined with our imaginations, onto the painting, we can, indeed start to see the forest’s beginning. A stunning palette ranging from creams to light blues to russets to olive-grey, provides a luscious quality to this appealing abstract.

Meyer’s color choices are, in fact, almost always delectable. "Flamingo Dance 02," an abstract in lavenders and teals, and "Sisters," an enormous expressive work measuring 83″ by 59″ and employing all the colors of a male peacock, are two excellent examples.